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The galliera in mono is my new fave bag. Got mine a couple weeks ago. Feel free to look through my photos in my profile. Its absolutely beautiful in mono. I tried it in azur as well, but it wasn't as striking in my oppinnion. Love love love the galliera pm in mono! I can't say enough about it:) samsung tablets


I wonder if e color would transfer to white clothing like our jeans transfer to white bags? louis vuitton shop

,The Neverfull by far. I have it in Mono. Damier Azur is in the mail to me now. Hoping to buy the Damier Ebene in January. louis vuitton bags,

I love my Idylle pieces, shoes and bags! You are very right though, with the $$$ they cost, the bag better sing to you!!! Don't worry, you'll find what you are looking for! louis vuitton


IMO they both looks vintage. so unless ur daily clothes incline towards vintage, i wouldnt recommend any of these. i would suggest u to get the eva, and buy a golden chain from ebay . for a versatile, modern look. lv bags

,beautiful : ) louis vuitton purse,
These bags are gorgeous! louis vuitton handbags